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Convert your audio files to any of the most popular formats


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Factory Audio Converter is a useful application to convert your audio files into every imaginable format.

The application is not just a simple audio converter like others popular on the market. Its catalog of possible output formats is so large that it doesn’t matter which file you’re trying to convert, Factory Audio Converter will open it and convert it to any format you desire, thus helping you avoid any playback issues in the future.

Its interface is very simple and includes a system where all your files are categorized, so you can choose the ones to convert without having to go through folder by folder to find them.

The software can also search by format, in case you want to locate all your files in odd formats and convert them in batches. This feature lets you find your files quicker and saves you a lot of time between conversions.

As if that weren’t enough, the application also lets you burn an audio CD with your favorite tracks in formats that any player can recognize. The option to pre-listen to the finished project before burning it to CD is available as well, to help you make sure the final product is what you want.

Fully functional during 30-day trial period.

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